Morocco copes with aftermath of deadly floods


It has been a month since torrential rains caused widespread flooding in southern Morocco.

The exceptional storms swept across several regions, including Guelmim, Sidi Ifni and Ouarzazate at the foot of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. At least 36 people were killed and more than 200 evacuated.

As the waters dissipated, the full scale of the damage started to become apparent. Around 100 mud-brick homes were partly or totally destroyed in the south, and 100 roads were cut off, including six national highways. The cost of the restoration is estimated as high as $103m.

A month after the tragedy, many remain in evacuation shelters, and isolated villagers still lack basic necessities. The Berber population of the Ait Baâmrane tribe has been left behind. In Sbouya, 10 families sought shelter in agricultural cooperatives, while others struggled into makeshift tents on the side of the road in Sidi Ifni.

Those who stayed in their homes have been trying to rebuild their lives after a major clean-up operation.

Isolated for more than two weeks, local residents of Sidi Ifni expressed anger after their homes were submerged, accusing the authorities of a tardy and ineffective response.

The city still suffers from poor infrastructure as main roads are still closed.

Published on Al Jazeera English


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